What is Vocaloid

Vocaloid, well actually I wouldn’t explain everything in detailed I’m still new with this shit.I’m afraid I’ll give you some misinformation.

Vocaloid is a singing voice synthsizer, a software enables users to synthesize ‘singing’ by typeing in lyrics and melody. The software usually works with some audio editing tool (am I using the correct term? (*゚ー゚) ) like FL Studio, Studio One or Piapro Studio (and many more out there) depends on your OS, the version of the Vocaloid and also … your editing skill..pffft..

First, you need to know vocaloid had been made into many characters such as Hatsune Miku (most popular one), Kagamine Rin & Len (they’re twin), GUMI, IA

From left KAITO, MEIKO, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, GUMI, Kamui Gakupo and Kagamine Rin&Len

and etc.Well the mentioned name is the japanese characters. There are other language to such as SeeU (Korean) and Luo Tianyi (Chinese), and for each character had different version and different tones (append,soft,dark & etc). Try this link or this one to dig up more thing about vocaloid

Now I’ll just talk about what interested me with this vocaloid thing. Like I said in my last post, my first vocaloid song is Melt-Hatsune Miku.After I dig in some more vocaloid songs on youtube, I realised I like them because their PV (Promotional Video) is really had interesting story in it like Magical Mirror (Kagamine Rin & Len) and sometimes they had few songs with intertwined story like The Riddle Solver who can’t solve Riddle (Kagamine Len) with The Riddler who won’t solve Riddle (Kagamine Rin)

This is my artwork for The riddle solver who can’t solve riddle, just sharing tho


Also check out this Night Series (it consist 4 song

my favourite :3

Also some anime and manga had been made by some vocaloid songs, such as Black Rock Shooter and Mekakucity Actor.In my opinion Mekakucity Actor failed to convey properly content from the songs.

Anyway I hated some fans said something like “Miku is worst”or”I hate KAITO’s song ver much”.Look not all vocaloids are suitable for all songs.All is depends on the producer’s skill to make it sounds nice.Well that’s all simple words from me.Thanks for reading.Comment something if you want to :3


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