How I became an Otaku

Ok.. first of all, I actually don’t really like to claim myself as an otaku.But I think that… doesn’t really matter anymore :3

I watched many anime since I was a kid, but I’m not specific to ‘Japan animation’because I declare them as a part of cartoon in my childhood.

I’m not sure which one is my first anime, but I think it’s either Princess Tutu or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.Pfft.. nice right? Sakura was my childhood crush.

I’m attracted to anime because it had ‘tragedy’ in their plot and they always give me some motivational quotes.So…yeah… greats!!

Like other kids, sometimes we had some extra class on weekend, so I practically missed some episodes. My family doesn’t had a computer or any smartphone, so yeah.. I make a vow to myself , when I have my own smartphone I want to watch full episode of the series..

And…. I did it. The first thing I did when I got my own phone is search ‘how to download anime on phone’.

Yeah that’s the beginning of my life as an make it short, I fell in love with ‘sword art online’. I tried search any pc game based SAO but none.Until I found a fanmade rpg game ‘sword art online eternal world’.I don’t want to explain the game but one of the bgm used is ‘melt(piano)-hatsune miku’, that the first song make me fell into the vocaloid ‘hell’.

From vocaloid, I found utataite then knows almost all japan songs. Being an otaku, I tried to avoid being a weaboo (er…did I misspelled it?)

So I think that’s enough, I’m bad at storytelling. Well if you liked to watch anime, read manga but don’t know what is vocaloid or utataite, then you can make your own research.. yeah maybe I’ll write a post about that.


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